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This is the Bootypedia, a wiki dedicated to Piratez, a sci-fi pirate-themed total conversion mod for Openxcom.

It is currently in its early stages, so help is greatly appreciated!

About Piratez

The story is set in the far future, five hundred years after the so-called First Alien War (the events of the original X-Com game), which in this continuum was also the last: the Earth lost. The aliens subjugated the human population, thwarting all resistance using countries who allied with them, and turned most survivors into subjects, slaves, or worse. Our planet was turned into a fringe world of the immeasurable stellar empire, inhabited not only by humans, but primarily by all sorts of mutants, aliens and monsters, watched over by the mysterious Star Gods. Even though there are semi-autonomous countries on Earth, they have their hands too full to form any sort of coherent rebellion; and when they don't, they are more interested in plotting against each other than opposing their alien masters.

The player takes control on a freshly formed band of female ubers - a stronger, more resilient variant of regular humans - who decide to become rich and powerful criminals upon having found an abandoned hidden underground base of uncertain origins (possibly established by X-Com itself). First motivated by greed and anger, they gradually become (at least partially) freedom fighters, striking against the alien oppressors and their human lackeys, as well as protecting defenseless mutant communities and striking deals with local governments, who are not happy with being occupied. No matter the ideals or lack thereof, the game is mostly about looting, killing and enslaving, with a good dose of humor ranging from goofy to black - sometimes simultaneously.


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