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Welcome to the Wiki

This is the Bootypedia, a wiki dedicated to Piratez, a sci-fi pirate-themed total conversion mod for Openxcom.

It is currently in its early stages, so help is greatly appreciated!

Forgive me father, for I have sinned.

Piratez is a RPG where Mario fights Minecraft Steve to free Shrek, who has been captured by Steve's best guard, Matt from Wii sports. Mario infiltrates Steve's Castle but is caught by Matt and thrown into the dungeons. Mario is saved by the god-like wizard, Mike Wazowski. They retreat from the castle and go to the local village, Big Chungusia. There, they meet a local mercenary, Ugandan Knuckles. He decides to help Mario and Mike and they continue to look for more team members. They meet a healer named Waluigi and they head off the Steve's castle once again. The team gets to the top where Steve, Matt, and an evil villain named Peppa pig lay waiting. The two parties have an epic battle, one that results in Mario's team beaten and bruised. Steve is about to go for the final strike when a holy lights comes from the sky and stops Steve in his tracks. Levitating downward from the light is the noble god, Shaggy. Shaggy and Steve fight but Shaggy ultimately wins, not even having to use 10% of his power. Shaggy says "EAT FEET YA YEET!" and obliterates Steve, Peppa, and Matt with one foul swipe. He then ascends into the heavens and the game ends.


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