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These 'surgical raids' against 'terrorist leaders' are a sad reality of our times. From time to time, a faction sends its death squads to one city or another to, as it turns out from our interrogation, 'cull the mutant numbers a little as they're breeding too fast anyway'. We can thwart such an attempt early, simply by shooting Terror Ships down, but waiting out and making a surprise appearance at the party can potentially garner us more respect (unless we let too many locals die). Whenever we care about the hapless fools who get massacred or not, ignoring a Pogrom is bound to make the Mutant Alliance really pissed off at us, and without their political pull, our Protection Funds are going to dwindle big time. Even making only a token appearance is going to cushion most of that blow - we can always claim we tried, and our reputation is going to suffer a much lesser hit.



Mutant pogrom can be initiated either by a Terror Ship landing and attacking a mutant community, or by a ground attack. In the latter case, it is impossible to detect and stop beforehand.